Astrology during pregnancy

Peaceful and loving, a little Libra baby will be your little angel. Balance, harmony, and love are the only requirements to keep your mild-mannered child happy.

Astrology and Fertility

Scorpios are difficult to understand because they keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. Their passion and charm draw people to them. Their enduring optimism, happiness, and wonder keep these little ones excited in life. They love learning by exploring everything, from books to maps to the back yard. Remind your little Capricorn to just be a child. Their old souls and integrity make them wise, serious, and timeless. Their nature to be stubborn and determined to never give up allows them thrive through difficult times. A borrowed angel is what your little Aquarius is. While brave and impassive, they are compassionate and care deeply about people and the earth.

Intuitive and gentle, these little creatures are very sensitive to how others are feeling. Pisces are said to have intuitions so vivid that they have a sixth sense. They love affection, happy endings, and fantasy stories. Enjoy marveling over the possibilities that lay ahead! Mom, Dad, and big brother are all arise. I have 2 daughters that are Cancer and 1 Virgo and dad has a Taurus son… our home will be interesting if this one is born a bit early as a Leo… Another Virgo is going to be a challenge lol.

My baby will be a cancer, and I am a libra. I decided to take the advice that practically every website said about libras….. My little one will be a Taurus just like her big sister. We believe that health information should be free to everyone and we rely on advertising to make this possible on our family of websites: Healthline, Medical News Today, Greatist, and Everyday Family. Providing the best health information in the world is expensive. We spend up to thousands of dollars per article to ensure it is accurate and precise with quality review by a doctor or other certified, trained medical professional.

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You can change your preferences at any time by clicking on "Cookie Settings" in the footer. Plus all new members are entered to win FREE diapers for a year! By clicking the "Join Now" button you are agreeing to the terms of use and privacy policy. Tweet E-mail. You can learn about the specific traits she is predicted to have by studying the astrological sign: Aries: March April 20 These tiny crusaders are natural leaders and full of ambition. Cancer: June July 22 Cancers are little dreamers.

Leo: July August 21 Magical and born to shine, these little ones love being the center of attention. Virgo: August September 23 Born to care for others more than themselves, these little Virgos are responsible and have a strong need to keep busy.

Garbhadhan (astrology)

Continue Reading. Scorpio: October November 22 Scorpios are difficult to understand because they keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves. Sagittarius: November December 22 Their enduring optimism, happiness, and wonder keep these little ones excited in life. Capricorn: December January 20 Remind your little Capricorn to just be a child.

Aquarius: January February 19 A borrowed angel is what your little Aquarius is. Pisces: February March 20 Intuitive and gentle, these little creatures are very sensitive to how others are feeling.

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What do you think? Related posts. Know the Risks. Tell us what you think! Click here to cancel reply. It looks like you forgot to enter a comment. Alishia says:. November 15, at pm. Brittany says:. June 12, at pm. Stephanie says:. March 31, at am. LIZ says:. March 3, at pm. Jessica says:. This is the month of Saturn Shani.

Important to make Saturn strong to have good nervous system. If Saturn is weak, the child may have breathing related problems as well. Remedies to make your Saturn strong :. Good mercury makes sure your child won't have any mental problem. Remedies to make your Mercury Strong:. Whoever your Ishta devta is, worship him religiously during this month.

Timing of Pregnancy based on Vedic astrology

This month again belongs to Moon - the karaka of mother. What to do in the 9th month of pregnancy? Both husband and wife must do these tihngs. Lahaul-Spiti having highest sex-ratio in India How to beat the summer heat? Back Un-Tan Yourself the herbal way! Sunscreen or Sunblock-What's better for me? What's SPF? How much do I need it? Best Sunscreen and Sunblock Products in India.

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Easy Kheer Recipe Rasmalai. Verghese Kurien - Who was he? Top 10 richest people in India. Here's the remedy.. Try these do-it-yourself remedies! Do-it-yourself Hair Spa Choose your favorite one!

Kundali Predictions for Child

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Back Facebook Vodafone Advertisment. Remedies to keep this Venus strong: Husband wife should clean their house worship place like, home temple Manage your house well. Keep all the things in order and organized. Remedies for Mars to be done in the 2nd month of pregnancy : In the second month, Donate gurh jaggery Avoid spicey food during this month. Do sunderkaand Paath religiously. Right hand copper kada Bracelet Don't wear red clothes 10 gm shataavar and 10 gm mishri, boil in milk and drink.

Remedies to make Jupiter strong: Read and discuss literature and science in the third month. If Jupiter is very weak, then don't eat haldi and stay in the company of guru. Apply tilak of white sandalwood and kesar or Haldi and Kesar. Remedies: In the 4th month, sit in front of the rising sun and do Gayatri Mantra paath Drink lots of water in copper glass Practice some art. Don't eat food that makes acidity. Drink water in silver glass. Avoid regirgerated water. In this month, remove the copper bracelet karha and wear a silver bracelet in your right hand.

Also, wear a silver ring in your Kanishtha finger.