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Alternative getaway: If your soul is calling for a little more than just spa treatments, head for serene Santa Fe , New Mexico, where upscale restaurants, plush-but-unique hotels and crystal-clear mountain air are sure to satiate your maiden sensibilities. The most balanced sign in the zodiac is Libra, whose name in Latin and constellation are weighing scales.

With such a need for symmetry in your life, we think you should head to the very centre of the world: Istanbul , a city that straddles two continents. Alternative getaway: Peacemaker Libras will also appreciate Prague , where one of the most famously non-violent transfers of power ever took place — the Velvet Revolution. Brave, deep, dark and enigmatic, scorpions are drawn to the mysterious and like to push boundaries. Your ruling planet is Pluto — arguably not a planet at all, far away, difficult to see and composed largely of ice and rock — but if you manage to get up close, also beautiful, just like you, Scorpio.

And like you, Johannesburg is a city with a rich personality and scars that only make it stronger. Alternative getaway: Explore your love of the dark of night and your curiosity about the occult in simmering New Orleans. There are plenty of voodoo rituals to witness, shadowy corners to lurk in your favourite pose and bright bars to bask in if you decide to show that elusive and addictive Scorpio magnetism.

One word for you Sagittarius: expansiveness. Sagittarius is symbolised by the archer constellation and you are known wanderers — the natural travellers of the zodiac. As truth-seekers, you are prone to fly off to find yourself when any mood at all strikes. With a whole continent at your disposal and plenty of passionate culture to fuel your fire-sign personality, you just might find the fountain of youth you always seem to be searching for. Staying in a traditional ger and living the nomadic lifestyle is about as restlessly Sagittarian a travel goal as we can imagine.

As the most ambitious, driven and hard-working sign in the zodiac, Capricorns deserve a holiday more than any other. You desire to go somewhere important, to learn all of the things you can about the world and to remain efficient in the going. But when work clocks off here, there are all-night markets to eat your way through, temples to lose yourself in and beaches to linger on. Taking a pilgrimage, such as walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain , will give you that sense of accomplishment, and may also encourage you to explore your spirituality and follow your heart — something you can always use a little more of in your life.

You root for underdogs and you value freedom, counterculture and, frankly, a little bit of the weird in life. You also love getting off the beaten track read: non-conformist , so you could also head to Kyrgyzstan , where you can lose yourself in the remote Tian Shan mountains and avail of the strong network of community-based tourism organisations to arrange homestays and excursions like walnut-picking and horse riding, ensuring your money is flowing into the local economy for the greater good.

Dreamy Pisces, you rarely come down to earth and may not even be from this planet, but you are the healer and the lover of the zodiac. You need downtime, gentle air and somewhere free of crowds.

Leo in Astrology

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Leo Monthly Horoscope

Barack Obama is a Leo, and he was the leader of this country for 8 years! Makes sense. The Moon represents your inner emotions and expressions. It is responsible for all of the underlying subconscious feelings you have. Mercury is responsible for your ability to communicate effectively.

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It is the translator between you and the other signs. In Greek mythology, Mercury was a messenger. Those with Mercury in Leo always speak with command and authority.

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They are specific and expressive. They have a mature cadence to their words. They may come off as all-knowing to others, but deep down they are genuine and researchful in their preparation. Venus is representative of the strength and health of our interpersonal relationships. The planet encompasses love, sensuality, beauty, and comfort. Those with Venus in Leo are devoted lovers. They like to take relationships in the old fashion way.

They like to go on dates and learn about the other person before jumping right into sexual expression.


When they feel the relationship has reached a comfortably compassionate level, their sexual expression is loud and proud. They like to take charge in the bedroom.

Most of all, Venus in Leo is a loyal lover. They are completely devoted to the person they become involved with. Mars is the ruler of our primitive actions. It controls our desires, impulses, and aggression. Mars is that personal drive that gets us out of bed each morning. It is different from the drive of the Sun, which is more of a drive of will.

They are strong-willed and expressive of their emotions. They are focused on fulfilling their celestial calling; they know their purpose in life. They have some of the strongest sexual urges and desires out of all other Mars positionings.